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Triathlon Coaching
& Nutrition Bundles

Get your personalised triathlon training program and nutrition support all in the one place. 

I currently coach with the Des Gooda Coaching Tweed Multisport team. All my programs are personalised to you and delivered online through Training Peaks (you can use free or paid accounts). Programs are delivered in fortnightly-blocks so we can plan around your life and changes.

Programs start from $45AUD/week for personalised coaching with feedback & guidance.


Coaching bundles with tailored nutrition support matched to your training, periodisation and lifestyle are also available. See below options.


Initial payment: $150AUD

Weekly after that: $55 AUD/week

Minimum 10 week block

  • Weekly training program 

  • Weekly nutrition support for sessions and goals

  • Initial consultation 

  • Nutrition plan overview for training

  • Unlimited contact

This is ideal for athletes who are looking for a tailored training program, with a nutrition guide to nail the basics of triathlon fuelling, all in the one place.


Base Support

Initial payment: $150AUD

Weekly after that: $60 AUD/week

Minimum 12 week block

  • Weekly Periodised training program 

  • Weekly nutrition support 

  • Initial consultation 

  • Nutrition plan for training

  • Unlimited contact

  • Follow up calls

  • 1 x race nutrition plan (includes race week, race day and recovery)

The most popular plan, the Base Support is ideal for both beginners and experienced athletes who want to nail their training, racing and manage their health. 

Suitable for both short and long-course events.



Season Pass

$45 AUD/week

30% off 1:1 Nutrition support Packages 

  • Weekly Periodised training program 

  • Weekly nutrition support 

  • Your choice of 1:1 Nutrition Support Package for in depth nutrition coaching 

  • Unlimited messaging

  • Follow up calls

The Season Pass is ideal for athletes taking on a long course event; those who have multiple races they want to nail over the season; or for those who have other health conditions and goals to manage over the season or pre-season. 

Looking for something smaller to get you started?

Customised training plan delivered in TrainingPeaks (free or paid version) with no coaching feedback. 



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