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2022 Yearbook
Meet the 2022 Multisport Nutrition Athletes and see what they've been up to

claire keane.jpg

Claire Keane

Derwent River Swim

you Thanks Christie. Can't believe it myself. Nutrition was spot on. Thank you so much. Those caffeinated gels are very good! 

Andy Donaldson.jpg

Andy Donaldson 

English Channel (8:00 hrs, British Record)

North Channel (9:13:57 hrs)

When it comes to marathon swimming, nutrition plays a hugely important role. Having worked with Christie over the past few months, we’ve enhanced our approach to nutrition allowing for better pre-swim preparation (e.g. carb loading), execution (feed plan), and post-swim recovery (protein for muscle repair). I believe our good approach to nutrition enabled me to put together two successful channel crossings (the English Channel and North Channel) in quick succession and I’m excited to continue working with Christie ahead.

louise patty.jpg

Louise Patty


Hell of the West Triathlon 

Mooloolaba Triathlon

MSN Squad Member

A huge thank you for everything you have done to help me over the past months to get through Cairns IM. It's been one crazy but amazing journey and I definitely couldn't have done it without so much support. I really appreciate all the nutrition advice, but also that you were always checking in and making sure I was travelling ok. And thank you for being fully supportive of me doing this on a largely plant based diet! I definitely wasn't doing nutrition right when I first started training and I hate to think how it would have gone trying to get through a full IM without some expert advice!!! 

jamie candler.jpg

Jamie Candler

Ultraman Australia (6th)

The plan was bullet proof - I had so much faith in the knowledge and support you had given me. Thanks Christie!

Bryn odermatt.jpg

Bryn Odermatt

Cairns IRONMAN (13:13:44 hrs)

Thanks Christie. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the help you provided me yesterday. Learnt a lot and know what I need to do to become a better athlete. 

Karin S.jpeg

Karin Schwindack

Cairns IRONMAN (14:02 hrs)

Thank you for your help this year before Cairns, my biggest race so far, for sure! The workshop was great, to hear different options on race day fuelling and how best to prepare the week before (and after!). All in all it worked pretty well, although I did not take the late start and heat into account – mushy Cliff bars and hot soft lollies were not part of the plan, when I usually start my training at 4am with much cooler goodies stored over night on the bike… But I had plenty of gels with me and cold back up in the special needs bag, thanks to your advice, so all good.


blake phibbs.jpg

Blake Phibbs

Cairns IRONMAN (11:03:56 hrs)

Blake came to me about 10 days out from his race. We worked on plans for his final big training sessions, and put together a plan that was going to work well with limited practice. Troubleshooting strategies were a must!

David Gardner.jpg

David Gardner

English Channel (11:47 hrs)

Thanks for all your help. Sorry for vomiting. Was a bloody tough day.

Jo Norman.jpg

Jo Norman

New York 20 Bridges Swim

Thanks buddy and thank you for getting me here and round the island.

Giles Newmarch.jpg

Giles Newmarch

English Channel (11:19 hrs)

Advice from Christie really helped me put on weight which I found very challenging. For the crossing, Christie ensured my nutrition was dialled in and on point and how best to rotate and use different sources of nutrition during the swim. I did not have any slumps in energy or sea sickness. What was also very important was the backup contingency plans we put in place in case things went wrong like cramps, sickness, etc

Paddy hintz.jpg

Paddy Hintz

Great Keppel Island Swim (5:34 hrs)

This was Paddy's longest and coldest swim to date! She worked hard in the lead up with cold adaptation, feed practices and through challenges too - her paddler got Covid two days before her swim and then their kayak got stolen the morning of the swim! Well done Paddy!

Sharyn Adams.JPG

Jo McConnell

Great Keppel Island Swim 

I survived!! Thanks for your support!

Joep (1).jpg

Joep Buijs

English Channel (12:27 hrs)

Great Keppel Island Swim

Derwent River Swim

Christie was key in helping prepare different nutrition strategies for my marathon swims in 2022. Through her extensive knowledge I was able to successfully tackle the Derwent River Big Swim, the Great Keppel Island swim and the English Channel in 2022.

Phil Edwards.jpg

Phil Edwards

English Channel (13:24 hrs)

Christie has helped me cope with bowel related issues which stemmed from a cancer operation in 2016. Along with this she took me through the best nutrition and feeding patterns for me during my big swims. We had some great learnings along the way and I am so pleased that I had Christie in my corner from day one. Without her, my Channel crossing would not have been possible.


Gabby Jackson

Australian School Triathlon Champs, 1st 

Thank you so much Christie!! I didn't over think it too much. Thank you for all your help :D


Marian Sheffield

Noosa Triathlon 

Hervey Bay 50

Marian and I worked together to fuel for her longest triathlons - Noosa Tri and HB50. To do this well, we focused on everyday eating to match training loads and optimise protein across the day. Well done Marian!


Heather Hunter

IRONMAN 70.3 Western Sydney (7:20 hrs)

Our main goal was getting to the end of the race, within the time-cut off. Heather, smashed the bike and fuelled well, but unfortunately she didn't make the run cut off. Heather learnt lots, improved her fuelling during training and racing, and built habits for life!

The Head family.jpg

Alan Head

Noosa Triathlon (Coached Athlete) 

Thanks Christie for your support through all my training ready to go feeling good ankle feels good ready to trip in.

Crystal maaka.jpg

Crystal Maaka

Hamilton Island Sprint Triathlon (Coached Athlete)

Very happy. First tri complete. I was just very happy to have complete it and with it being harder than a 'normal' tri, I have more confidence in my next tri.  Thank you so much on guiding me through my first tri.

Joan Sheather.jpg

Joan Sheather

Kingscliff Olympic Triathlon  

I found the nutrition plan I had with you so beneficial it took all the guess work out of how and when to eat properly and what foods to to eat. I truely believe without this and the training from Des would not have accomplished this event 


Ashley Shrubsall

IRONMAN 70.3 New Zealand

Your help with my nutrition allowed me to complete the Taupo Ironman 70.3 without any issues of being hungry and losing weight which I had a problem with prior to starting with you, so thank you!! 

michael powell and claire keane.jpg

Michael Powell 

Derwent River Swim

Great Keppel Island Swim

First amputee to swim the Derwent River in Hobart, Tasmania.


Felicity Harrison

English Channel Swim (14:21 hours)

Derwent River Swim 

Christie was my secret ingredient for my successful 2022 marathon swimming year. She really listened to me, understood my preferences & problem areas to create a feed plan that went down without a hitch. I never once felt sick, my energy levels were steady (amazing given I swam for over 14 hours!) and I was confident knowing she was on call to fix anything that may come up. She’s the nutritionist you want on your team, being an experienced and accomplished athlete herself. Her advice for nutrition around training has also revolutionized my relationship with food: seeing it as a fuel and tool for recovery. Whether I continue marathon swimming or not, I know I have gained a healthy relationship with food to last a lifetime, and a really good friend!

Scott Behnke (1).jpg

Scott Behnke 

Cairns IRONMAN 2022

Hell of the West Triathlon 2022

HB100 2021

SC 70.3 2021

MSN Squad Member

​What a year and a bit. With your support, knowledge, advice testing of different plans, hard work and trust we have tackled Sunshine Coast 70.3 2021, Hervey Bay 100 2021, Hell Of The West 2022, and plenty of solid training and lifestyle change leading into penultimate Cairns Ironman 2022🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️. What a year of steep exponential learning about everyday eating for healthy body, mind and training fuel. Learning how to fuel the body well, for training, training the body to adapt to race day like nutrition which is always evolving as we learn and take in new information along with hydrating and fueling the body with what it needs. And of course the contingency b and C plans. Thank you for ongoing support. And feeling healthiest I have ever been.


Katherine Mellor

Cairns IRONMAN (13:51:30hrs)

Thanks so much Christie. I'm really happy with the plan, thank you for all the work you have put into it. 

Tracy Foyester.jpg

Tracy Foyster

Cairns IRONMAN (3RD, 11:41:17 hrs) 

Thank you Christie! Thank you for all your advice. So excited to have successfully finished an Ironman!

Dave Hughes.jpg

Dave Hughes

Cairns IRONMAN (11:46:31 hrs)

IRONMAN New Zealand (10:52 hours)

Dave had Covid the week leading up to his first Ironman event. He did all the right tests, was cleared and played it smart on race day. Having a plan that we'd refined over the weeks, along with troubleshooting strategies, set him up for a great sub 12 race. He then took what he had learnt, and applied it to another IRONMAN 6 months later in New Zealand, with almost a 1 hour PB (different courses)! 

rosie galvin.jpg

Rosie Galvin

English Channel (12:49 hours)

Thank you :D So so happy. Thank you SOOOO much for all your help, honestly could not have done it without you. Will be eternally grateful :D

Jon wall.jpg

Jon Wall

English Channel (13:14 hrs)

Thanks Christie, I appreciate all the support you have given me for the last 12 months. I couldn't have achieved this without you. A perfect outcome. 


Brendan Cullen

English Channel (17hrs)

The one thing I struggled with leading into my Channel swim was my nutrition. I was never confident I was doing the right thing hence getting in touch with Multisport Nutrition. Christie put together a feed plan for both my day to day eating and also a feed plan for my Channel swim. The plan gave me the fuel I needed to successfully complete the Channel swim.


Christie played a pivotal role in my Channel crossing as nutrition is one of the major key components for a successful crossing.


Thanks very much for being accessible and honest with your advice. 

Gary Ullmann.jpg

Gary Ullmann

English Channel (11:43 hrs)

I will always credit a portion of my successful Channel crossing to you Christie.

The varying suggestions and advice in setting up my nutrition was key.
- weight loss (reduce the load on the shoulder – early training)
- weight gain (lead up to the channel)
- feeding plan in the final lead up and travel
- channel swim feeding plan

The only negative - never enough chocolate in the feed plans (seriously, who can limit themselves to 1-2 squares?)


Paul leonard.jpg

Paul Leonard

English Channel (12:40hrs)


Thanks for all of your help, it was a battle yesterday but we won! I really can't believe I am a channel swimmer, it has not sunk in! Thank you.


Darryn Jackson

Great Keppel Island Swim (5:44hrs)

Thanks a lot Christie. It went well. It was very cold - I'm happy I opted for the sleeveless wettie. I had mad hammy cramps which in hindsight was probably my fault for not finishing feeds - just wanting to keep moving to avoid getting too cold. Main thing is it's done. Thanks for all your help.

vianney motte.jpg

Vianney Motte

English Channel (16:47 hours)

Thank you Christie!! Your magic had worked his way again!!! Thanks for your support and good work helping me being on shape and getting enough energy all the way!! It was a true relief to know that the feeding plan was 200% reliable as I was able to spend my focus on moving those bloody arms! Thanks again!

warren donkers.jpg

Warren Donkers

Mackay Triathlon

Mackay Half Marathon (Coached Athlete)

Warren and I worked together for 16 weeks around his FIFO work and night shifts to train for his first triathlon and first half marathon! He took on everything I threw at him, and was able to make some great progress coming from a weightlifting and crossfit background. 


John S IM Italy bike.jpeg

John Stathacopoulos

IRONMAN Italy (11:39 hrs)

Christie not only instructed me on the importance of nutrition and race strategy, but really got to know me and my needs and tailored the plan to suit me personally. Having previously failed to finish an Ironman due to an improper strategy, I can say - without doubt - that I would not have crossed the line without her help

chiacgo marathon.jpg

Jenna Trueman 

Chicago Marathon 

Thanks for the great fuelling plan, I as still sticking to the plan even though the gels became hard to get down and it definitely helped me to get across that line.

*Photo credit: Chicago Marathon

Rhiannon Fitzgibbon.jpg

Rhiannon Fitzgibbon

ITU Age Group Triathlon World Champs, 23rd 25-29 yrs

Noosa Triathlon 

Christie and I focused on iron fortified foods and plant based protein intake. 


I went into every training session feeling strong and was able to perform at my best on race day thanks to Christie’s support, knowledge and amazing recipes. 


Megan McGinty

IRONMAN 70.3 Melbourne (7:47hrs; Coached Athlete)

Thank you. You had to start with me from a very low fitness level. My only goal was to beat cut off and be the best I could be on the day and I achieved both. Thank you. 

Scott Nienhuis.jpg

Scott Nienhuis

IRONMAN 70.3 Melbourne (5:50hrs)

Thank you so much for today, bloody loved it. Appreciate all the work you put in. Looking forward to coming back next year to smash today's time!

Paula Cooper.jpg

Paula Cooper

IRONMAN 70.3 New Zealand

For Paula, our focus working together was making sure she was optimising her recovery nutrition and fuelling well day to day for 70.3 training. This not only helped her on race day, but also battling a busy schedule with shift work as a nurse, family and life.

Lauren Keith.jpg

Lauren Keith 

IRONMAN New Zealand (13:16 hours)

I've worked with Lauren for a few years now. We initially focused on 70.3 race nutrition, reducing gut upsets, and working on fuelling enough day to day. Lauren has taken everything on board over these years, and has aced training for an IRONMAN - she even made race day look easy! 


Fiona Cullinane

English Channel Swim (11:03 hours)

North Channel Swim - Youngest Female (World Record)

Rottnest Island 

This year, Christie has been so supportive with all my adventures. She has helped me learn and develop my feeding plans for races in colder climates and find better ways to recover after training and racing!

Lindsay jordan.jpg

Lindsay Jordan


Hell of the West Triathlon 

Mooloolaba Triathlon '

Thanks Christie. I owe a lot of how it went to you. From always getting cramps, to completing a hot IRONMAN in 14 hours with no cramps. It wasn't a perfect day, but so very much of it went right - as planned. ​

nick kenny.jpg

Nick Kenny

Ultraman Australia (5th) 

ITU Long Course AG World Champs (8th)

Kona IRONMAN World Champs (10:20:16)

Cairns IRONMAN 2021 (9:43:05)

I've been so lucky to have your support. I can't tell you how grateful I am. You've been amazing from day 1. After all my cramping issues over the years, I definitely couldn't have done an Ultraman and run a double marathon without your input, strategies and support. From debilitating cramps in every IM to a 30 minute PB with only one small cramp at 40km in 2021, to nailing nutrition in Kona! There is no way I would've finished if I didn't nail it. Thank you! 

mandy tik.jpg

Mandy Tik

IRONMAN Lanzarote (14:47:39 hours, 7th)

IRONMAN Langkawi, Malaysia (13:07 hrs, 4th)

Oh Christie! What a bloody long long long day to a point I ran out of salt on the bike...I made some rookie errors but I am so grateful we have a blueprint so last minute!

...Had a kickass nutrition day on my longest bike! Many thanks.

Cindy Robertson.jpg

Cindy Robertson

Cairns IRONMAN (13:21:59 hrs)

Thank you for your help on the journey... you have made a difference for me. I am actually very pleased. Your fuelling plan was perfect. Not sure if this is possible, but I usually have quite an upset digestive system after a long event and this time I have not! Thanks for all your help!


Michelle Miller

Cairns IRONMAN (10th, 11:50:23 hrs)

Thank you for helping me get through my first IM! I learned so much from you on fuelling before, during and after and there is no way I would have made the finish line smiling without you. The team workshops were great plus the one on one chats to address and work with my gut issues in training for race day. Thank you, we did it! Can't wait for the next one together.

cairns IM logo.png

Mark Martin

Cairns IRONMAN 70.3

MSN Tri Squad member

Even though a non-participating participant have got a bit out of the group.

Was a great day for it, spotted a couple of your hats on course too.

melanie labaeye bugnot.jpg

Melanie Labaeye Bugnot

Guzzler 50km 

Thank you so much for the support and being so responsive. 

Nick Martin.jpg

Nick Martin

English Channel (11:22 hrs)

Your diet input helped ensure I was recovering properly after training sessions for the next day’s training session, and to put on the 6kgs you said I needed to. And the open water swim feed plan which we developed and practised over several months meant I was well prepared for my on the day Channel Crossing feeds. Thanks for your help. We made it!

li ling yung.jpg

Li Ling Yung

English Channel (12:45 hrs, First Singaporean woman)

Thank you so much Christie!! Having your plan helped so much!! Couldn't have done it without you!!

Sharyn Adams.JPG

Sharyn Adams

Great Keppel Island Swim 

Nutrition went well, thank you for all your fabulous advice!

marcus payne.jpg

Marcus Payne

English Channel (14:29 hrs)

Great Keppel Island Swim

Thank you Christie. Such as crazy fay. Thank you so much for all of your support, it had been invaluable. 

victor motte.jpg

Victor Pierno 

North Channel (13:29 hrs)

First Argentinian to swim the North Channel. 

We worked through gut upsets and feeling nauseous to create a plan that worked well for Victor. 

25c76407-fc96-4a5a-863c-d90b8609f38e 2 (1).jpg

Luke Pinnegar

English Channel (10:37 hrs)

I didn't realise how important endurance swimming nutrition was until I met Christie. She helped me understand the 4 drink groups required to fuel my body to get me across the English Channel. We worked together for 6 months trialling and fine-tuning different feeds during training, races and qualifications leading up to the big event. The plan was perfect on the day. I knew I would complete what I started when I set off and I definitely wouldn't have had that energy, confidence or warmth if it wasn't for the help and guidance from Christie. Thank you!


Megan Moa

Kona IRONMAN World Champs

Hervey Bay 100 

Training for an IRONMAN, especially in Kona for the World Champs is tough, but Megan smashed it! We really focused on getting enough nutrition in on the bike, adding solid salty food that she could handle and tweaking her day to day nutrition so she could continue to refuel and recover. We both learnt lots in the process and from the hot, hot day in Kona, but she's ready to give it another crack - go Mini!


Kate Head

Noosa Triathlon 

Mooloolaba Triathlon (Coached Athlete)

I am so grateful to you for my personalised training programmes,  your super support and professional approach to getting me over the line. You are a "super coach". I can't wait till we are out there again. 

Sarah Gordon.jpg

Sarah Gordon

IRONMAN 70.3 Melbourne (5:25hrs; Coached Athlete)

MSN Tri Squad Member

Got through the race with proper fuelling, proper hydration, proper training and amazing guidance. Thanks Christie for all the support.

The Head family.jpg

Nikita Head

Noosa Triathlon (Coached Athlete), 22 min course PB

I'm beyond stoked! Smashed my Noosa PB by 22mins and my standard distance tri PB by nearly 10mins (which was the Moo earlier this year). Had a cracker of a race and everything went really well. Swim felt smooth and easy (those polo drills came in handy). Bike was a cracker and I cruised up Garmin hill (can't believe I'm going to say this, but those 10 10 10 sets made Garmin hill feel nearly flat so thanks for them. 

Thank you so much again for everything. 

Mel Johnson.jpg

Melanie Johnson

Kingscliff Sprint Triathlon (Coached Athlete) 

Thanks so much for helping me get through [Kingy Tri]! Definitely could not have done what I did without you - pre race and also cheering me on. Thank you!!!

Jenn Maccarone.jpg

Jenn Maccarone

IRONMAN 70.3 Western Australia 

Juggling parenting a 3yo and full-time work it was so good to take the guess work out of training too. Having someone tailor make the plan for me and adjust when needed depending on what life was throwing at me was so incredibly helpful, definitely better than trying to follow an off the shelf plan that just would not have worked.

And having you available at the end of the phone or text message any time to move things around or help give motivation or perspective when needed was also so valuable. 

Will definitely look at continuing coaching in the new year!

Paige Mcrobie-casson.jpg

Paige Mcrobie-Casson

IRONMAN 70.3 New Zealand

Work in progress! This journey has had its fair share of learnings, successes and failures. But with Christie’s help I’m continuing to develop and improve. Bring on 2023. 


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