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2023 Yearbook
Meet the 2023 Multisport Nutrition Athletes and see what they've been up to

JACKIE bettington derwent.jpg

Jackie Bettington

Derwent River Swim attempt

Rottnest Island Swim (08:25:46 hours)

tony derwent river.jpg

Tony Midolo

Derwent River Swim attempt

U24 Swim

Multisport Nutrition is my first call after registering for an event, plans are always well thought out and tailored for my needs. Follow up is always insightful and changes made if needed for me to perform at my best. Christie Robson needs to be in your corner.

tash derwent river.jpg

Natasha Bamber

Derwent River Swim (9:39 hours)

North Channel Swim attempt

louise rosemann derwent.jpg

Louise Rosemann

Derwent River Swim (8:33 hours)

Port to Pub 25km swim (08:50:56 hours)

English Channel Swim (12:19 hours)

Thank you Christie

I'm so happy it's done.

Very happy with time

Great Captain helps

Thank you Christie for your support & super star knowledge 

Caro P2P.jpg

Carolyn Anderson

Port to Pub 25km Swim (09:50:51 hours) 

michelle tas 70.3.jpg

Michelle Miller

IRONMAN 70.3 Tasmania 

IRONMAN 70.3 Sunshine Coast

(MSN Triathlon Squad Member)

michelle miller 70.3.jpg

Steve Miller

IRONMAN 70.3 Tasmania 

IRONMAN 70.3 Sunshine Coast

(MSN Triathlon Squad Member)

scott n IM NZ.jpg

Scott Nienhuis

IRONMAN New Zealand (12:45 hours) 

Without coaching and nutrition planning, there is no way I would of completed the NZ ironman. Big thanks to both Des and Christie the absolute legends!

Amelia tatnell moo tri.jpg

Amelia Tatnell

Mooloolaba Triathlon 

jess pratt cycling.PNG

Jess Pratt

Oceania Cycling Championships

Noosa Criterium, 4th

MSN Sponsorship Winner 2023

Have loved working with Christie this year to help me achieve my cycling goals. Christie is super knowledgeable, and has been able to give support from everything on bike, off bike, day to day nutrition and even nutrition when injured.

jo catalina swim.jpg

Jo Norman

Rottnest Island Swim (05:55:47 hours)

Strait of Gibraltar (3:18 hours)

Catalina Channel (11:42 hours)

Now a Triple Crown Swimmer!

English Channel, 20 Bridges Swim, Catalina Channel  

paige im nz.jpg

Paige McRobbie-Casson

IRONMAN New Zealand (12:38 hours)

With Christie’s help and continued support I just completed my first full Ironman, I cannot recommend her services high enough. Not only has she helped with sport related nutrition but also my relationship with food as a whole — happy and healthy!

hell of the west image.jpg

Sigrid Pembroke

Hell of the West Triathlon 



Leanne and Shane Zendler

McLaren Vale Marathon 

Leanne, 1st AG, 5th Female Overall 

Thank you for your support! 

Thanks for everything. Job done & dusted now. No bonking or cramping. 

Andy Donaldson.jpg

Andrew Donaldson

Completed OCEANS 7s Swims! 

Semaphore Coastal Running Festival.jpg

John Wenham 

Semaphore Coastal Running Festival

snowy classic ride.jpg

Brooke Penny

Snowy Classic Ride 

Christie has been instrumental helping me go from a Sunday cyclist to an endurance athlete. Her personalised nutrition plans have helped me lose kilos, while maintaining strength and fitness, as well as train my body to know what to expect on big event days. She tailored a race-day program that saw me complete a 140km ride without bonking and keeping my GI system happy. 

62F66B72-549E-407A-96BD-6007DD08901C (1).JPG

Natalie Arnold

IRONMAN Australia (13:33:56 hours)

Thank you for the time and mentorship in regards to my nutrition plan in the lead up to Port Mac Ironman. I felt heard and supported, appreciate you! From my past Ironman experiences, I had felt fatigued and lacking the right nutrition approximately 90km into the bike. Having implemented your plan, I had a much more enjoyable experience and felt strong leading into the run - thank you.

mark howman port mac im.jpg

Mark Howman

IRONMAN Australia (12:56:30 hours)


20230702_074344 (1).jpg

Kara Lindsay-Holley

Noosa & GC 10km Run

Brissie to the Bay Ride

Christie has been a huge support once again throughout 2023. The nutrition support was always done with consideration of my personal and individual needs and provided variety and inclusion of all foods that I enjoyed. What I valued most was the approach taken to encourage and provide reassurance or new techniques when certain things weren't working. I have learnt a lot of strategies and enjoyed many scrumptious meals (a favourite being the pesto pasta!) from Christie over this year which have helped me achieve in some events. Thank you so much for your incredible work, guidance and support throughout another year.


Karen Reardon

IRONMAN Cairns (16:00:09 hours) 

Kona Qualifier and finisher!

Thank you for your help. I certainly had like most issues across the race, but I felt way better than I thought at the end and afterwards. Cheers

IMG_3140 (1).JPG

Simon Jones

Capri to Napoli Swim (8:34 hours)

Port to Pub 25km Swim 

Thanks so much Christie, I benefited so much from your advice and nutrition strategy not just during the race but even more so pre training and event. I had never considered tailoring and varying energy sources based on my needs, race distance or conditions. And even more so solving for my cramping! Stoked your feed plan helped me get across to Naples in one piece and with enough in the tank to enjoy all that Italy has to offer on the other side!


Andrew Robson

Gold Coast Marathon 

kate gurney ec.jpg

Kate Gurney

English Channel Swim attempt

Thank you so much for your support and kind words. Needless to say I'm shattered. 

julian brenziak ec.jpg

Julian Brezniak

English Channel Swim (10:13 hours)

Thanks Christie, I'm so grateful for all your work with me.

PHOTO-2023-08-14-14-52-28-1 (1).jpg

Andrew Short

English Channel Swim (15:50 hours)

Thanks a million for your help. I was worried about a few things, I had a lot of trouble with my shoulder - but my nutrition went like a dream (except for the peaches, they made me through up! - on reflection I think I should have practised with them more than once). But generally speaking, it went really well - I never felt cold, or drained of energy. There were some dark moments, but I don't think that had anything to do with the nutrition. I had lots of things to think about on the day, lots of things to get right or wrong (including, for some reason, deciding that the boat was going to follow me as I took off sharp left from the beach, much to everyone’s surprise) but I did not have to worry about the nutrition at all, thanks to your help and planning. Thank you for that, and your relentless and infectious positivity. I was and remain a very happy client.


female fitness factory cover photo.jpg

Female Fitness Factory

Rock the Frock Challenges

I am so excited to work with you again this year.  The feedback last year was fantastic. The meals were very easy but still hit the mark on great food. 

Bryn 70.3 geelong medal.jpg

Bryn Odermatt

IRONMAN 70.3 Sunshine Coast (5:53:46 hours)

IRONMAN 70.3 Geelong

Coached Athlete.

30 minute distance PB at Geelong in March, followed by a course PB at Sunshine Coast.

im switzerland.jpg

Arnaud Chevallier

IRONMAN Switzerland (11:05:12 hours) 

Christie's insights have been immensely helpful in taking my triathlon to the next level. I can't recommend her highly enough.

mandy tik IM kona.jpg

Mandy Tik

IRONMAN Kona World Championships (12:35 hours and top 50% for Age Group)

I am very broken and thank you for your [nutrition] coaching. I am so proud of my results!


phil lindsay ows.jpg

Phil Lindsay

OWS Series, 10km Qualifier for Rottnest 2024 (Multiple AG wins)

Absolutely on point nutrition, Rotto Qualifying time in 2:18 hours. 

megan mckay 70.3.PNG

Megan McKay

IRONMAN 70.3 Western Australia (5:47:24 hours)

Coached athlete.

I didn’t realise until I began working with Christie how much I was underfueling both during and after training sessions. After only 11 weeks of Triathlon and nutrition coaching, I felt strong and better than I had during training previously and had a massive 24.5 minute PB in my 70.3 race. I’ve not only performed better but started to develop a better relationship with food within myself. My only regret is I didn’t start working with Christie sooner!

amanda huddle busso IM.PNG

Amanda Huddle

IRONMAN Western Australia (12:15:37 hours) 

IM WC Nice 2024 Qualifier 

Thank you for all the support and tips.

kylie gibson.jpg

Kylie Gibson

IRONMAN Port Mac 70.3 

MSN Triathlon Squad member 

nathan manning im.jpg

Nathan Manning

IRONMAN Cairns 70.3 (6:13:57 hours)

Thanks again for all of your help. 

Overall, very satisfied. 


Paul Formosa

IRONMAN Cairns 70.3 

MSN Cairns Ironman Squad Member 

douglas christie bribie island tri.jpg

Doug Walker

IRONMAN Cairns (12:28:41 hours)

Hell of the West Triathlon

Moreton Bay Tri

Thank you! I just kept telling myself to stay connected - definitely couldn't have done it without your help! 

Kim bowling HOTW tri.jpg

Kim Bowling

IRONMAN Cairns (11:04:58 hours), 1st in AG

Hell of the West Triathlon


Sharyn Adams

Capri to Napoli Swim Relay

We made it! Was very pleased to finish !! Thanks for all your help.


Narelle Lee

Gold Coast Marathon 

Sarah Richardson ec.jpg

Sarah Richardson

English Channel Swim (14:08 hours)

Thank you so much my darling. and for absolutely everything you have done for my feeding plans was amazingly perfect!

Lochie adventure race.PNG

Lochie Higgins

Hells Bells 24hr Adventure race

Thanks so much for your help Christie! I'm sure you will hear from me again soon. 

monica tonner ec.PNG

Monica Tonner

English Channel Swim (14:08 hours)

Thanks you!! Pretty happy that's for sure.

stuart donnarchie north channel.jpg

Stuart Donnachie

North Channel Swim (11:54 hours)

Activate health fitness park run.PNG

Activate Health Fitness

8-week Challenge

Thanks for all the support Christie so far. We’ve had some amazing individual results.

I’ve loved seeing people food creations from the ebook and I never really cook but I got out of my comfort zone and tried one of the recipes and it was great. Helped me add more variety to my weekly nutrition.

will ellis jersey swim ows.jpg

Will Ellis

Swim Around Jersey

Christie was instrumental in pioneering a new method of nutrition for my 65km Round Jersey Swim… I couldn’t have done it without her, and I feel like I have a lifeline with this added arm to my training now. Thank you Christie!

315791091 (1).jpg

Ahmad Agiz

IRONMAN 70.3 Western Sydney (5:43:10 hours)

Thanks to Christie's awesome nutrition tips, I crushed my Ironman 70.3, shaving a fantastic 55 minutes off my personal best. Her guidance turned my race day into a remarkable achievement!


madhawi mitwalli 70.3.jpg

Madhawi Mitwalli

IRONMAN 70.3 Turkey (6:00:09 hours)

I can be extremely particular about food, and with my ADHD, I often forget to fuel myself and sometimes even feel unmotivated to prepare meals, causing me to skip them.
Christie has greatly assisted me in improving my eating habits by customizing my meal plan to align with my usual preferences. Additionally, she has simplified my race fueling plan by providing clear instructions in a manner that is easily comprehensible for someone with ADHD. She even detailed what type of fuels should be included in each transition bag. 💕🥹
Sending lots of love and respect - I will definitely be consulting Christie repeatedly in the future. 💕



Jane Brond

Hervey Bay 100 (1st AG) 

Thank you!! I ate all my food!! Thank you for all your help!

cath rossiter 70.3.PNG

Catherine Rossiter

IRONMAN 70.3 Western Australia (6:37:48 hours)

Coached athlete.

Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart lovely lady for helping me get to the finish line so strong!! All in all fantastic race!!


david hansen IM busso.PNG

David Hansen

IRONMAN Western Australia (12:29:53 hours)

Coached athlete.

Thanks for all your help on this journey. I was very confident on the swim and ride and am happy with both. 

IMG_5081 (1).jpg

Jenny Smith

IRONMAN Cairns (14:23:51 hours)

Thank you Christie for helping me with my nutrition for my first Ironman. I never thought I’d be making 4 rounds of Vegemite sandwiches every Friday night in preparation for my long rides. Christie helped my achieve my two goals - finish the race and enjoy it. Four months on, we have a different goal - loose some weight and still have energy to train. Progress is slow and steady, but progress. Whilst I can nail my nutrition, I have not found a love for trail running and apparently I wasn’t allowed to ride the new bike on my IM. Thank you Christie.

calllum bettington im.jpg

Callum Bettington

IRONMAN Cairns (10:31:33 hours), Nice WC Qualifier and finisher!

MSN Cairns Squad Member


Jo McConnell

Capri to Napoli Swim 

Went well / all to plan

Thanks for all your excellent advice.

saleema adamson EC.jpg

Saleema Adamson

English Channel Swim attempt

Yes gutted about not finishing but Tim totally made the right call. Was 3 miles from France so not too shabby! Think I had a lurgy coming, I have had flu like symptoms since getting out the water.

steve cadell ec.jpg

Steve Cadell

English Channel Swim (13:49 hours)

Thanks so much for your help!

Nigel robson swim ec.jpg

Nigel Robson

English Channel Swim (10:50 hours)

Thanks, Christie. You were such a huge part of my preparation. My feed plan on the day went perfectly... Thank you so so much, you did an amazing job for me, and always with a smile and lots of encouragement. I was lucky to find you. 

liz denyer ec.PNG

Liz Denyer

English Channel Swim (12:58 hours)

the hammills.jpg

Michelle & Andrew Hammill

IRONMAN 70.3 World Champs

Michelle -5:52:38 hours

Andrew - 5:05:58 hours

Thanks CR. Michelle also says a huge Hi and thanks!


Stuartholme School 

Athlete Development Program

They loved everything about the nutrition workshops you did! They took a lot away from it. I think a similar format as this year would be great for next year.

sc 70.3 race.jpg

Andrew Callander

IRONMAN 70.3 Sunshine Coast

(6:58:38 hours)

kerri hansen sc 70.3.jpg

Kerri Hansen

IRONMAN 70.3 Sunshine Coast (7:11:00 hours)

Coached Athlete.


Ibrahim Dadoun

IRONMAN 70.3 Western Sydney (7:32:23 hours)

315791091 (1).jpg

Lynette Nisbet

Noosa Triathlon 

IMG_2553 (1).jpeg

Anne Townsley

IRONMAN 70.3 Western Australia (8:20:34 hours)

GC Marathon 

Various events across the year

Coached athlete.

Initially I joined Christie for nutrition advise and this then flowed onto coaching for Busselton 70.3 in December. Working with Christie on my race nutrition helped me realise where I was going wrong and how I could go about fixing the issues. Working with Christie as a coach was great. I would look at the programs always question whether I could do what she was asking me to do but would surprise myself and get it done. Definitely signing up for another year and looking forward to the challenges that are presented to me.

IMG_6503_Original (1).jpg

Catherine Belward

IRONMAN 70.3 Western Australia (6:58:03 hours)

IRONMAN 70.3 Sunshine Coast

Coastal High 28km

Together Christie and I built on my nutrition strategies for a few big events this year. I learnt a lot about taking on adequate fluid and electrolytes/salts. She helped me find some new yummy food to eat in long triathlon events. Her solid plans helped me do two big events in two weeks. The fuelling strategy for my 70.3s were easy to follow, and pack and worked really well on race day.

Proud of you all!

Thanks for having me on the journey.

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