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Paying by Phone

Paying your invoice with PayPal

Below is a step by step process for paying your Invoice with PayPal. 

This is a handy option if you're an international client and want to chose AUD currency to pay with. 

Step 1

Open your PayPal account or login online

Tap the $ symbol at the bottom of your screen > Tap the Pay button. 


Step 2

Tap the search bar under People.

Type in 

The account should pop up underneath > Select.  


Step 3

Tap the currency button under the $0.00 

Select AUD if not already selected.

Tap the $0.00 again and type in the amount owing on your invoice.


Step 4

Add a 'Message' and type in your Invoice number.

Tap 'Next'


Step 5

Review and select your Bank Account or Card to pay with. 

When ready, tap 'Send'


Step 6

All done! Please let us know when you have paid.

Thank you!



If you have any questions, queries or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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