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The Multisport Nutrition

Triathlon Squad


We've been grateful to have the people we love, trust and believe in, join us for the year. They've got some sweet deals for our members, so we hope you love them as much as we do, and support them too.

Use the codes below and head to each link to access our great network and support small businesses.  

Fractel logo.PNG

FRACTEL Running 

​Fractel originated from the term ‘fractal’. A fractal can be defined as an infinite pattern and is often used to describe natural features such as trees, rivers and mountains. This connection with the natural environment and potential to be infinitely occurring was the inspiration behind the name. Our logo is the simplest version of a fractal. Starting from a single origin, two branches grow. This principle of endless iterations can be applied to all aspects of life. We want to replicate this theory and show the world that with one idea, anything is possible.


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The Balanced Runner 

The online membership is series of videos set out in a manner that I teach running gait retraining. It has everything you need from recording yourself running, setting up a session, going through the process of skill acquisition (new way/old way) and of course the cues for running technique. For those that want to improve their running in their own time!


The Balanced Runner is headed in Melbourne by Paul Mackinnon, who lived a sporting life as a semi-professional hockey player for 15 years playing in Australia and Europe, allowing him access to high performance programs, athletes and coaches around the world. Since retiring he has developed The Balanced Runner coaching to help athletes competing at all levels around the world. This philosophy has been developed and refined by Paul over more than 15 years practising as a professional running technique coach.

  • 25% off online programs

  • 25% off initial session

  • Discount code is : MULTISPORT.

  • That will be for a 25% off first purchase. So that could be the first month of a membership (either one) or it could be 25% off a 3, 6 or 12 month membership if they pay it up front. 


kuki coffee.png

KUKI Coffee 

​KUKI means AIR in Japanese, which is the way we roast our coffee. KUKI also implies to read between the lines, and that there is more then what is on the surface. This is why we try to find your inner KUKI and bring them out. 


Air roasted coffee leaves out the old and moves full force into the future with state of the art technology delivering consistent coffee so that you have more time to be your unique self that the world loves.

tweak physio logo.PNG

Tweak Physio 

Tweak Physio is an Adelaide based Physiotherapy clinic (founded by triathlete and former Australian rower Rhiannon Hughes) who works predominately with athletes of all abilities with the aim to get them back on track and doing what they love. 


A Virtual Triathlon screening is a great way to identify risk of injury and then prehabilitation through a multitude of targeted movements and musculoskeletal assessments. 


The hour long assessment of your past and current injuries will be discussed, in an addition to your training schedule. A comprehensive virtual examination to identify your weaknesses and imbalance will then be performed, before a strength program is prescribed to address any deficiencies and weaknesses. 


  • Usually $160, members will receive a 20% discount. Assessments are claimable via your Private Health Fund*. Can be booked at 

  • *Please check with your individual health fund for available Physiotherapy limits

pilates plan logo.jpg

The Pilates Plan 

Alice created The Pilates Plan to offer safe, effective exercises for all clients, regardless of age, experience or injury. The Pilates Plan was born out of a desire to reach more people and help them find enjoyment in movement through expert instruction.

Alice has many years experience teaching Pilates and practicing Physiotherapy and has created a teaching method loved by her clients. She is passionate about teaching and empowering her clients to become connected to their body. Her approach to movement creates stronger, more mobile, injury-resistant bodies, that can take on anything life throws at them!

The Pilates Plan workouts and plans are expertly designed with a focus on strength, endurance, mobility, injury rehab and mind body connection.

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