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7 Tips for Race Week

With Cairns IRONMAN in Cairns & 70.3 this weekend, our athletes are in full swing on all things race-week. So, to get to your next start line fresh, fuelled and less stressed, here’s my top 7 tips for race week

  1. Make lists. Lots of them - for what you need to pack, do, and what you need race day. Triple check!

  2. Stay well hydrated. This will get your muscles ready and reduce gut discomfort if carbohydrate loading. Sip on water, sports drinks, electrolyte drinks, milks, juice and eat hydrating foods like yoghurt, fruits and veggies.

  3. Start carbohydrate loading 3-4 days out @ 8-10g/kg/body weight (unless you’ve got another plan from your dietitian) and then drop the volume back down the day before to rest your gut

  4. Drop your fibre and eat less FODMAP foods if you struggle with gut upsets or IBS symptoms.

  5. Have trust in your plan and your team AND YOU. Don’t worry about what others are doing. Trust what you’ve practiced and refined.

  6. Don’t go overboard with food. Especially the 24 hrs before. If you’ve followed your plan well, you will be fuelled well.

  7. Lastly, my number one rule for race day but also in race week - don’t try anything new! That means not even new meals the day before or different coffee orders on race morning!

Good luck team!

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