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Nutrition for Sport vs Life

A topic I find myself discussing lots with people is how nutrition for sport is a little bit different to life.

There’s a misconception that nutrition for sport or eating as an athlete (aka anyone who does planned exercise) has to be “perfect”, “healthy”, and “clean”... but what do those terms even mean?


I want you to view foods as functional. Every food has a purpose. There’s no “good” and “bad” foods…unless you’re intolerant or allergic to something!! There are foods we want to eat around exercise because they give us fast fuel (for example higher GI, lower fibre, higher carb or sugar foods, lower fat foods); and there are foods we want to eat when we’re not as active to fill us up for longer, provide us with different nutrients and support or prevent health conditions (ie. higher fibre, lower sugar, quality high biological value protein foods, and essential fats).

And, most importantly, I want you to view eating and foods as individualised. Food is different for everyone. As I often say, we don’t wear the same runners, or ride the same bike as people, so our nutrition and foods we eat are going to be different to others.

I’m not saying you should be drinking sports drink daily and living off gels and lollies; but instead, finding the balance on fuelling for sport AND eating for life.

So, let’s explore how the two goals can differ, and how we can integrate both to fuel a healthy athlete for life!